About us

My wife and I live in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in a small apartment. We always enjoyed giving each other massages at home. The only problem was that when giving a massage on the bed, the person receiving the massage quilckly gets a stiff neck. Since our living space is limited we did not want to buy a full size massage table and could not find a good solution on the internet.

To surprise her, I built a Massage Headrest for my wife as a Christmas gift. She really loved the idea and showed it to our friends. They thought this was a great idea, so I made some for them as well. When the first friend of a friend of a friend asked me to make one for them, we slowly started to realize that there might be a market for this 🙂

We started manufacturing the first Massage Headrests in my fathers workshop and when the weather was good we could even work outside.

The early days in my fathers workshop

Now, 3 years and several design iterations later we have moved to fully automated CNC machining with a great partner from Bavaria, Germany. We source our material from Germany, UK, the Netherlands and of course from China.

High precision CNC manufacturing

A big Thank You to our customers around the world! We are really greatful for all your positive feedback and are excited to see how the story continues…